BreeLee (breelee) wrote in reunion_daily,

Is there still hope?

Announcement: 'Reunion' and 'Arrested' status

"I really, really, really think Arrested Development is NOT going away. My moles (not the hairy cancerous kind) tell me that Showtime is DYING to pick up this comedy we so love (they are definitely on the upswing with their recent Globes noms for Weeds which were the first in ages), HOWEVAH! FOX NEEDS TO OFFICIALLY CANCEL THE DANG THING BEFORE THEY CAN DO ANYTHING. Hello?!! Peter Liguori!! Show some mercy, for the love of Bluths!! And don't be surprised if he ends up keeping it around just to spite the cabler ... (Similar to what ABC did keeping Jake in Progress to keep John Stamos off a full-time gig on ER).

So ... we need to be patient.

Also over in Fox land, I hear that the WB has expressed some interest (though isn't yet sold) in picking up Reunion. However, with the holidays and such, everything is pretty much in a holding pattern.

So, again, as Axel might say ... try a little patience, Yeahhhhh.

As for me, I'll be pulling out my hair."

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